Brazilian Model Revealed Her Monthly Income From Selling Nudes Online

Suzy Cortez, 29-year-old Brazilian model revealed how much she makes in a single-month from her OnlyFans account.

“At OnlyFans as I am one of the main influencers I have different earnings from other models, by 2020 I will earn £192k ($250k) per month.” Yeah, that’s right…

Yeah. You read that right. In this year alone she will make around $3 million just from selling nudes online. Talk about living the dream.

“The photos and videos I use for my account are the same as the ones I do for Playboy and my fans on here always respect me and never cross the line.”

“My fans are from all over the world and on my social networks there are millions and sadly I can’t always talk to everyone, but on OnlyFans I can speak to them.”

“There are lingerie, bikini, and nude photoshoots and I have the option of the fan asking for the photoshoot theme.”

“My fans are the best in the world and they’re always very affectionate to me, but there are always sassy ones too.”

Cortez shot to fame 5 years ago when she won the 2015 Miss BumBum World title (what a great name) and became the very first two-time Miss BumBum winner when she was crowned with the World’s Best Butt award again this past October.

“I train my butt four times a week and a lot of it is down to genetics, my mum and grandmother had the perfect bum.”

Whether or not you agree that she should be paid that much for selling nudes, or that she has the World’s Best Butt, you can’t deny that it is damn impressive for someone’s ass to earn that kind of money.

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