Monday , 10 December 2018


Asian Elephants Spotted In India

Three Asian elephants were spotted grazing in the mountains in Kothagiri, India, and luckily a photographer was there to snap photos of the animals. The photographer says that the mountain was very slippery and he has no idea how they …

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Kingfishers Found Frozen In Ice

A resident of northern Bavaria, Germany, stumbled upon some kingfishers who went into the water for a meal and never made it out. The two hunting birds fell victim to the cold water and now they are no more.

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Puppies Are So Happy To See You

“OMG! I can’t believe you’re finally home!” “I waited eleventy BILLION hours!” “I thought you were never coming back!” “You have the best face! I love your face!” “There are a hundred things I want to do with you now …

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Our Military Service Dogs

If that doesn’t kill you the rapid heating of the air can cauterize your airway, cooking you from the inside out. Then there’s the shrapnel, indiscriminate pieces of rock and metal tearing through your body. As one soldier mildly put …

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