19 Awesome Pencil Drawings By Zulf

The London-based artist creates masterpieces on dark paper using only pastel pencils and charcoal. He plays around with light, shadows, and silhouettes to bring portraits of women to life with flair and drama.

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29 Mind-Bending 3D Art Pieces By Odeith

With over 450k followers on Instagram, Odeith is a pretty well-known artist – and he never ceases to surprise us. He recently stunned people with his incredible skill once again, this time by completely transforming an old concrete block into a broken-down bus.

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Creepy ‘Pennyswise’ Snowman

Alexander had to wait for the perfect weather conditions to create this creepy sculpture because the snow had to be perfect for shaping: “I needed the temperature outside to be above freezing so that the snow could be carved well...

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