Monday , 10 December 2018



If you have ever drawn a doodle on a window with a dry erase marker then you have unwittingly created a Windoodle. Now you can be part of the growing window vandalism community.

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Stunning Vertical Gardens

These “living walls” bring a new twist to the idea of gardening, especially if you are scared of heights. While some of the gardens are works of art, others just look strange.

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Wonderful Foodscapes

These are not painted images, as it might appear at first glance. These are food landscapes called “foodscapes” by photographer Carl Warner. Mr. Warner can spend hours glancing at food in supermarkets making other people think it is weird, but …

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What Do Africans Really Want?

Photographer Paul Close traveled throughout Africa on a motorcycle setting up a white background and snapping portraits of locals. He asked them one simple question “What would make your life better?” The result was the unique collection titled “Snakebox Odyssey.”

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People Vs. Their Metal Sculptures

A small gallery of metal sculptures made by Zachary Max Shavrick based on the photos people sent him. People just chose whether they wanted to be a human or a monster, and the guy created sculptures for them.

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Amazing Wood Carvings

These wood carvings are the work of Sergey Bobkov, who is a secondary school teacher in the village Kozhany of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. His work is so detailed that he even carves the feathers and the fur on his owls.

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