Monday , 17 December 2018


Amazing Wood Carvings

These wood carvings are the work of Sergey Bobkov, who is a secondary school teacher in the village Kozhany of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. His work is so detailed that he even carves the feathers and the fur on his owls.

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Ingenious Structures Made of Cargo Containers

For as little as nine hundred dollars you can buy your very own cargo container and turn it into a living space, just as these ingenious architects have done. From houses and apartments to stores and offices these hollow metal …

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Cleaning Up

Swiss Ursus Wehrli is well known for his books about Tidying Up Art. He tidies up famous works of art including Botticelli’s Beach and Van Gogh’s Room by rearranging them carefully.

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Sweden’s Fantasy Lion

A Swedish taxidermist who stuffed this African lion in 18th century apparently had no idea how the exotic animal looked like when alive. Check out the weird creation.

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