What Happened To Ethan Suplee

Ethan Suplee (born May 25, 1976) is an American film and television actor best known for his roles as Seth Ryan in “American History X”, Louie Lastik in “Remember the Titans”, Frankie in “Boy Meets World”, Randy Hickey in “My Name Is Earl”, Toby in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Elwood in “Without a Paddle”, and his roles in Kevin Smith’s films.

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20 Most Unexpected Celebrity Cameos

In the latest movie featuring the adventures of SpongeBob and his friend Patrick, the 2 of them set off on a journey to rescue Gary, SpongeBob’s pet. During this difficult and important mission, Keanu Reeves makes a brief appearance to help this pair of decent and (very) naive marine friends find their pet snail.

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