Wednesday , 17 July 2019


20 Celebs From Another Point Of View

Astounding Photos Of Celebrities When They Were Young. Freddie Mercury Amy Winehouse Kate Moss David Bowie Shailene Woodley Beyoncé Naomi Campbell Busy Philipps Reese Witherspoon Kristen Bell Elvis Presley Taraji P. Henson Joe Manganiello Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Matthew McConaughey …

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13 Movie Stars When They Were 20

Celebrities When They Were Young. Angelina Jolie, 43 Julia Roberts, 51 Tom Cruise, 56 Nicole Kidman, 51 Nicolas Cage, 54 Gwyneth Paltrow, 46 Robert Downey Jr., 53 Natalie Portman, 37 Keanu Reeves, 54 Jennifer Aniston, 49 Ashton Kutcher, 40 Cameron …

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25 Celebs That Are Actually Of The Same Age

Celebrities you had no idea were the same age. Sandra Bullock and Monica Bellucci: 54 years old Kevin Spacey and Sean Bean: 59 years old Macaulay Culkin and Chris Pine: 38 years old Macaulay Culkin and Jake Gyllenhaal: 38 years old Andrew Garfield and …

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Top 10 Women With The Best Boobs in Hollywood

When it comes to celebrity boobs, we’re not afraid to say that we’re obsessed. Thankfully, there are enough celebs out there who aren’t afraid to share their cleavage with the world. Really, we’re just appreciating the incredible human form and …

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Photos Of Celebrities In High School

When Celebrities Went To High School. Eva Mendes Eva Longoria Julia Roberts Sean Penn Kelly Clarkson Bruce Willis Michelle Pfeiffer Bon Jovi Cameron Diaz Kyle MacLachlan Mariah Carey Lenny Kravitz Hilary Clinton Vin Diesel Gwen Stefani Snoop Dogg Kathy Bates …

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