18 Weird Life Moments That Are Hard To Explain

"I saw my doppelgänger while driving in a parking lot. We passed each other going super-slow, and made eye contact. We both started laughing, and then continued on. My wife was sitting in the passenger seat, and saw him as well. It was super weird, and really fun for whatever reason. We still talk about it 10 years later. I regret not stopping and finding the guy to take a photo together."

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The Creepiest Things People Have Seen While Diving

"I went snorkeling in Coron, Philippines in the shallow waters just enjoying the reefs. When I went back on the boat I felt something heavy inside my shorts. I thought it was just water caught up in there, so I shook my shorts and a snake fell out. I freaked out but my sister was able to take a picture of the (venomous) coral reef snake before it went back into the water."

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And What Is That?

"What is this thing? Found it as a kid and have never known what it is. Slightly heavier than it looks. Says US 4 inch on one side that also has an “L” in a diamond, the other side has some mark I can’t make out. The triangle is 4 inches from base to tip."

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