Celebrities Who Were Outed As Sex Addicts

Addiction is never a laughing matter, even when it’s to something as seemingly innocuous as sex. Sex is something that most, if not all of us, can rarely get enough of. When done right, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. When done wrong… well it’s still pretty damn incredible. Unfortunately, the pleasure of the flesh has derailed not just marriages, but also careers for some very famous people. Here are 15 people who have either admitted to their sexual addiction, or been accused of it.

Britney Spears

This one is purely rumor and speculation, but where there is smoke… According to “sources,” her surprise romance and eventual marriage to back-up dancer Keven Federline, was almost entirely based on sex. The couple had two kids together before that well ran dry and she’s managed to steer clear of any public meltdowns for a while now, so maybe this is just gossip.

Michael Douglas

In his 2012 biography, Douglas admitted to not only being an alcoholic, but also a sex addict. His first marriage ended due to his adultery and it has reportedly created some rocky conditions in his marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones. Fortunately, the iconic actor seems to have cleaned up his act. Hopefully that means we get to see him on the big screen again.

Amber Smith

A swimsuit and lingerie model who is also a sex addict is like something out of a man’s fantasy. For Smith, it was more like a nightmare. Her addiction was so bad, that she eventually resorted to selling sex for money. She tried to resuscitate her career, but an appearance in the Showtime soft-core series Sin City Diaries was probably the wrong angle. She has since shrunken from the spotlight.

Jack Nicholson

Perhaps Kim Basinger said it best when she commented, “He is crazy! I haven’t met anyone so obsessed with sex like him!” I’m sure many of us would have had trouble controlling ourselves in the company of Basinger in her prime, but this goes beyond that. In an interview, Nicholson makes light of his promiscuity intimating he could have as many as 9,000 kids for all he knows. It’s his addiction to sex that caused Nicholson to proclaim he will always be a bachelor.

Amy Winehous

The late sultry-voiced singer struggled with alcohol, drugs and sex addiction as her once fledgling career spiraled out of control. After her death, it was revealed by her lover that she either had to be high, or having sex at all waking hours.

Charlie Sheen

What isn’t this guy addicted to? I mean really. Of his own admission, he has struggled with drugs, alcohol and sex addiction over the course of a career that’s taken him from hero status to a poster boy for self-control. He recently admitted in an interview that he’s is HIV positive, not at all shocking considering just what we actually know about his hobbies.

Lindsay Lohan

Where to begin with this red-headed vixen. Once a rising child star with all the potential in the world, Lohan’s downward spiral is well known. In the midst of her career meltdown, Lohan was quoted saying, “Being an actress is lonely, and I never want to be alone… I hate sleeping alone. I like being able to be in different relationships – being able to see a few people. I’m not really like a crazy addict. I mean – I enjoy having sex.”

David Duchovny

It seems life truly does imitate art, as Duchovny is a lot more like his Californication character than most people probably realized. In 2008, after breaking up with Tea Leoni the former X-Files star checked into rehab for sex addiction.

Kari Ann Peniche

She won the Miss Teen USA pageant, only to be stripped of her crown when she posed for Playboy—which probably paid much better anyway. She went on to have a brief engagement to Aaron Carter before appearing in a leaked sex tape ALSO featuring Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. She also confronted her addiction on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Robbie Williams

This British rocker gave up drugs and alcohol only to, unfortunately, fill that void with more carnal delights. Of his own admission, “it was a compulsion… but it’s soulless.”

Colin Farrell

Farrell is yet another star who struggled with not just sexual addiction, but addiction to alcohol as well. Things came to a head in 2005 when a sex tape surfaced of Farrell with model Nicole Narain. Shortly after the tape surface, he checked himself into rehab.


Right there with her co-conspirator in that now infamous sex tape is Colin Farrell’s partner Narain. Late, after her tape with Colin Farrell had been made public, Narain consulted Dr. Drew for her sex addiction, which also included compulsive masturbation.

Billy Bob Thornton

If you’re cheating on Angelina Jolie at a time when she looked like that, then you’ve got some serious compulsion issues. Not only did Thornton sleep around, he slept with just about every female he had contact including groupies and their household staff. In order to save their marriage, Jolie made him go to a therapist which, if you believe rumors, Thornton slept with too…

Mel B.

This former Spice Girl has never admitted to being a sex addict, but just about every former lover she’s had (that we know of) has come forward to accuse her of addiction. If she was once addicted to sex, she seems to have been able to recover from it nicely, as she is now married to Stephen Belafonte, whom she has three children with.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods promiscuity hit the big screen and bright lights as tales of his escapades made national news. Not just one, but TWELVE women eventually came forward to confess they had slept with the pro golfer while he was married. His addiction cost him model wife Elin Nordgren, millions of dollars in a divorce and loss of all his sponsorships. Neither his image or his golf game have ever recovered.

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