Guy Gets ‘Constructive Criticism’ After He Has Loud Sex In A Crowded Hostel Room

A guy recently submitted a photo to Facebook page ‘Confessions Of A Backpacker‘ depicting a handwritten note that was written to his buddy after a loud sex session in a crowded hostel.

Apparently, his friend hooked up with a German girl and promptly fell asleep in her bed where he then snored loudly and kept the already-awake-from-loud-sloppy-sex room up for the rest of the night. The next morning, the girl’s friend wrote him a little ‘constructive criticism.’ Check out the note below.

“Hey, Mr Heavy-Snorer,

Congratulations on having a successful SEX with her. It sounded like you guys had a great time, right?But hey dick, you should know that there are always some more things that a girl expects from you rather than just one round of sex. I don’t think many girls on this planet would like a guy who falls asleep right away after their first sex, do you?”

Also, from next time, I recommend you to go back to your room and sleep after having sex. It must have been so embarrassing for her to see people waking up one by one because of the sound from her bed.Anyway, good luck with you guys relationship!Even though Im not sure if she would like to maintain it.”

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