Check out the prices at the very first McDonald’s


Last week marked the 60th anniversary of the opening of the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. To promote the opening, Ray Kroc took out an ad in the Des Plaines journal advertising the low prices. It worked, and Kroc’s restaurant took in $366.12 in the first day.



  1. As a native of San Bernardino, California, it always peeves me to read that “the first McDonald’s was in Des Plaines, Illinois”. Not true. The first McDonald’s was in San Bernardino. Ray Kroc bought the McDonald brothers’ name and concept. The restaurant in Des Plaines was the first McDonald’s opened by Kroc, but was NOT the first McDonald’s. The horrible, drug-infested, smog-ridden, poverty-stricken, corrupt city of San Bernardino owns that meager honor.

  2. Maybe they should take that menu to heart adn get back to basics.

  3. Who gives a $#!7. You didn’t contribute in any way.
    San Bernardino sucks …

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