Dad levels up to add some excitement to the fence outside

Imgur user, CrescendoCRESCENDO, recently had a son and the nursery/bedroom was set up perfectly, except the view out of the window.


“The blueprint.Paint, masking tape (lots of it), an exacto knife and a quick trip to the local library to print some sprites. The blueprint wasn’t exactly the scale. I eyeballed most of it.”




“Keep it simple. First up was the sky. I was originally going to try and match exact colors to the original game, but the hardware store only mixed 1ltr paint cans. I’ve got a kid to feed now. By the way this took me almost 3 months all up. With a newborn i’d have to sneak in 30 minute sessions every now and then in between diaper changes, naps & breaks from obsessively staring at the human we made.”


“I left Mario for last. This was tricky.”


“Painting is done! Time to nail this thing up.”



Level Up!


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