Did You Know This?

“I just found out that ‘Reese Witherspoon’ is her whole last name. ‘Reese’ is her mother’s maiden name and ‘Witherspoon’ is her father’s last name, her first name is actually Laura.”

“Was watching the third Harry Potter movie and noticed the hammer and sickle.”

Here’s an easy way to keep your cat off your keyboard.

Did you know that the bar code scanner doesn’t scan the black lines but the gaps in between them?

This is why some people love running in the morning.

This is a really neat way to store tubes.

Apparently, owls have a pair of slender legs under all their fluff.

If you don’t want to forget something, put your keys with it.

There are constellations named after the Avengers!

The scent of rain is called petrichor.

Put a rubber band around the inside of the pockets of your shorts and never have to worry about your phone or keys on a run.

“As it turns out, otters form couples for life. And they don’t make their children leave. If they want, they can go and create their own family, if not, they can stay if the ‘adult life’ is not what they want.”

Did you know that CONTROL + COMMAND + SPACE on a MAC gets you the emoji keyboard?

When you have found the perfect way to stay healthy:

“Did you know that 100 years ago, they had electric vehicles with a 100-mile range?”

How to cut a mango in 5 seconds:

Here’s another way to thread a needle.


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