Feeling Lucky?

“I found my long lost AirPods.”

“Found a butterfly with a perfectly shaped 89 on its wings.”

“The face on the cover of this book looks exactly like mine.”

“This butterfly landed in my hair exactly the way a bow would be placed.”

“My mother-in-law drove 5 hours to meet Damien Echols. When she finally hugged him, she couldn’t stop crying.”

“Girl in my hometown taking advantage of having a PokeStop by her home.”

“Our indoor cat had been lost for 24 hours. We found him and this is how he thanked me after he finished his meal.”

“So we got a pet skunk at the same time our dog had pups… Cuteness ensued.”

“So we got a new washer and dryer and I’m thinking we can cancel our Netflix subscription.”

“Wife and I lost our one-year-old son in June, but today she had our twin daughters! Happy New Year!”

“We were told our daughter only had a 20% chance of surviving at birth. She’s our superbaby.”

“My wife sent me this picture of our 4-month-old son and his best friend. Made me almost tear up.”

“Baby possum got into our house last night. This is how we found it this morning.”

“So my dad got a new spatula…”

“Got to spend my call with my wife and newborn. Feeling blessed.”

“I live in Orlando and my car is on the left. Roommate’s is on the right.”

“Adopted her a few days ago. This is how she wakes me up every morning.”

“Found out I can fit everything I own into my car the same day I found out I have a cheating boyfriend.”

“My GF’s house burnt while no one was home. They have 3 ferrets, 4 cats, and 5 dogs. All of them were found and saved.”

“He felt extremely lucky that day!”

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