20+ Photos Prove That Humor Keeps Relationships Going

“The husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress… It was for the cat.”

“When you have candles but not the ’right’ ones for your wife’s thirty-ninth birthday”

“Today is a big day for my husband!”

“The ’photo shoot’ that my husband conducted while I was at work yesterday”

“My wife said she wanted a small coffee table.”

“When your husband helps you scout locations for a maternity shoot.”

“My husband, who has never made a cake in his life, baked me this taco cake from scratch!”

“My husband and I attempting to take a picture at last night’s party”

“I’m no barista, but I add a foam heart to my husband’s coffee every day.”

“When I ask my husband to cut vents in the turkey pot pie…”

“The wife and I got each other the same card for our anniversary.”

“My husband said it would be funny to have a Nicolas Cage-themed party. He promptly forgot about it. I didn’t.”

“I’m lucky to have a husband that keeps me laughing basically every moment we’re together.”

“I let my husband decorate the bathroom.”

“Our first family Halloween costume: our baby is a taco, my husband is the fire sauce, and I’m the toilet paper for after.”

“My husband Ian insisted that our new puppy Nala get her own stocking. I thought it was sweet until I realized he had ulterior motives.”

“Married 17 years. Found this packed in my lunch box today. I guess my wife wins.”

“I asked my partner for a Q-tip (cotton swab). I was literally dying laughing!”

“My friend finished wrapping his wife’s presents. The left one is a perfume, and the right one is a sweater.”

“My husband started seventeenth grade (his master’s program) on the same day my daughter started fifth grade.”

“My wife and I decided to mess with our contractor…”

“When you ask your husband if he’d like to trade seats so he can appreciate the view, and he says no because he has the best view in the house”

Source: brightside.me

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