Food Scam Alert!

Fortune cookie without a fortune.

Expectations vs. Reality

Asked for sour cream on the side.

Apparently, this is an $8 Frito pie from a food truck.

Ordered nachos on an expensive cruise. Got potato chips covered in melted cheese.

Airport Ham & Cheese

I asked for extra tomato

Banana French Toast

The infamous Fyre Festival sandwich.

Sub fail

My Burger King delivery.

Supposed to be a steak and cheese sandwich.

A “full” box of Panko crumbs

A no-lettuce Taco Bell Taco.

A BBQ burger with no BBQ sauce.

A watermelon?

Where’s the chocolate?

A 7/11 sandwich with sneaky tomatoes.

Big box vs. small sleeve

Mmm.. blueberry muff… oh, really?

Those are two bottoms.

Literally, ‘a’ chocolate ‘chip’ muffin.

That’s not how you fill a cannoli.

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