Funny and Weird Family Photos

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  1. What’s supposed to be funny/weird about number 14?

  2. #14 they are sitting on someone. The face can be seen under the lady on the rights leg. Looks fake though

  3. If you look under the woman’s leg you can see part of a face. They’re sitting on someone.

  4. look under the mom’s butt

  5. @the sanity inspector

    It’s one of those “when you see it, you’ll sh*t bricks” photos. Look for something that’s not obvious.

  6. The guy they’re all sitting on…

  7. Look in the lower right-hand corner. You’ll see it.

  8. …in number 14 the family is sitting on top of can see their face under the woman.

  9. @The Sanity Inspector: Look underneath the mother. They are all sitting on top of some dude.

  10. look under their laps…

  11. look again.. they are sitting on someone who is laying under the cushions!

  12. @ the sanity inspector, look under the woman !

  13. There is a face under the woman on the right in number 14, they must be sitting on some one.

  14. The whole family is sitting on someone.. you can see his face under the wife, hilarious

  15. #14 looks good until you look closely at what they are using for a seat cushion. Pay attention to what mom is sitting on.

  16. Look under tha woman’s but, there’s a face.

  17. Look under the wife’s butt.

  18. look under the woman’s leg

  19. Look under Mum in the couch weird huh

  20. #14 when you see it, you will shitbricks lol

  21. number 14, look under the woman’s left leg.

  22. Look closer… there’s one more person 😉

  23. @ The Sanity Inspector

    Err they’re sitting on top of someone

  24. Maybe the fact they appear to be sitting on someone :S at least i can see a face on the right under her leg unless i’m going insane

  25. there is a head under the pillow

  26. The person everyone is sitting on?

  27. I didnt spot it at first… but look closer

  28. the mom is sitting on someone… you can just barely see their eye under her ass

  29. They are sitting on top of someone.

  30. they’re sitting on a man. thats whats weird.

  31. Maybe the face under the women to the right?

  32. they are sitting on somebody you fool

  33. @sanity inspector
    They are all sitting on someone, you can see his face to the far right under the girl in the brown pants.

  34. Look under her left leg.

  35. do people not read earlier comments to realize that someone has already answered the question? wow

  36. How many times are people going to explain #14? I THINK the original poster got it after about the 3rd explanation.

    I totally don’t get #17 though – it’s just 3 kids? What’s funny?

  37. They’re all sitting on someone.

  38. Where do you get those Naruto-headbands?

    And seriously, did 30-something people just answer the same question? What a bunch of retards!

  39. Did he die?

  40. very funny …i like this always

  41. the department of redundancy department

    I would also like to say that they are sitting on someone.

  42. @kaonashi

    I was just thinkin the same damn thing.


  44. Lol, some great photos, but what’s funnier is just about everybody leaving the same comment – ww were so glad to see kaonashi’s comment – well done, kaonashi! 🙂

  45. The most funny is pic #1. NONE of the children look like “their” father. Perhaps he should take a serious talk with the mailman! Lol

  46. Number 23 is so incredibly disturbing.

  47. I shouldn’t be surprizing so hard at that.

  48. #14 they’re all sitting on someo……SHUT THE FUCK UP!! jeeessssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussss

  49. Bowchikabowwow

    I don’t get it, there’s nobody in the 8th picture?

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