Gigantic Sinkhole Opens Up In Guatemalan City

This sinkhole posted to the Guatemalan Government’s Flickr appeared last sunday in a street intersection in Zone 2 of Guatemala City. The cause: Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha.


  1. charlie upstill

    how deep is that? its bloody amazing

  2. What a fuck this is………….

  3. that’s real i’ve seen it in our news!

  4. Sheeba Aslam Fehmi

    MY MY !!!

  5. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

  6. Hi, i’m from Guatemala, an the hole have about 20 meters or 65.6 feet deep.

    And yes dude… This is Sparta.. os sorry i mean This IS Guatemala

  7. oh my that’s scary!

  8. Holy Shit! That’s scary… :O Signs show the End of the World or Massive destruction is gonna take place soon!

  9. Oh yes, it is just another sign of the end. Pay close attention to what’s going on in the world and then open up a bible. No shit, NO GAMES!! It’s ALL IN THERE!!! I would have never believed it myself because like so many of you out there, churches turn me off. But, I got curious one time and started researching the prophecy spoken of in the bible and low and behold, I started seeing that the things that the bible says have come true in the past and are still coming through today.

    Don’t want to lecture any more and I sure hope that there wasn’t anyone that lost their life when this happened! Does anyone else find it odd that this hole is so perfectly round?? Could it be something other than what they are saying it is??

  10. Am I the only one imagining a giant pipe from the Gulf of Mexico (not so far from Guatemala, right?) enabling this sinkhole to be filled with spilled oil and then capped? Two problems solved in one.

  11. loooool silent hill brrrr!

  12. what the hell is that .
    World is going to end soon.

  13. its a sink hole and its the world’s most dangerous NATURAL DISASTER !

  14. this hole is very little

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  16. Hey people! im from guatemala too… i don’t live anywhere near that though, but i can tell you one thing!! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WORLD COMING TO AN END!! hahahahaha it gets people talking i know!! but that is the result of little or NO maintenance of our sewer systems!! that was the second sinkhole that appeared, and shortly after that one, another one did!! a lot smaller though, 18 m deep. So there you go… it has nothing to do with the prophecies… it has nothing to do with the devil, it has nothing to do with chuck norris!! it puuuuuure negligence!!!

  17. yo toski im from guatemala to!! sink holes are nothing compared to the violence right?????

  18. just to clarify ( im from Guatemala) , the under ground turrent didnt happen because of the storm it is because the sewer syste is badly designed, i was at the staes when this happened, i missed it

  19. Eish! Imagine walking out of your front door one morning and seeing that shit! Good thing some people look where they walk and not reading the bible while they walk. Cant believe how people always blame the bible or God for shit like this. My printer just stopped functioning, maybe I should seek the fault in the bible. 🙂

  20. Caramba, que coisa impressionante este buraco, parece que foi feito pelo homen e nã pela natureza.
    O chão sumiu aos nossos pés, literalmente…impresionante…

  21. this is really amazing and horrifying !!!!

  22. sungguh mengerikan… Allah Maha Berkehendak!

  23. that’s h0rribLe!

  24. I am so glad people are saying it has nothing to do with the bible

    got nervous there


  25. how come its black at the end?
    and so circyler form ?
    its a photo

  26. Note Sure if this real

  27. These are Photoshop make-out. Look, on the first photo, it’s not even the same buildings around…


  29. It’s not photoshop….what happens… is that in Guatemala City it has happened two times… the first photo is in zone 2 and the second Foto is in zone 6..The one in zone 6 happened even before the one in zone 2 and it’s already filled. I am from Guatemala City ;)…

  30. Just another detail ;)…. all the photos are from zone 6 except the first one 🙂

  31. Is tht the tunnel to the core??????????????????? or did a alien spaceship land in there?????????????????

  32. wow! ive never seen anything like that before. but ive heard abut this from the news. i bet thats too deep. anybody knows how deep is it?

  33. How deep is that shit hole? I mean can they send someone to measure how deep that is? Or they can do it with those stuffs used in deep marine research, you know those robots submarine and stuffs?

  34. yeah actually they sent a group of people to measure that, I’m from Guatemala by the way, and this is the 2nd hole that opens like this in that same zone and and interesting thing and scary thing too is that this 2 holes are just a couple of blocks away from each other , the first one they covered with tons of concrete, and this second one they’re doing the same so yeah it’s scary and these are not the only holes in the city we have some others but they are small, so is pretty messed up, our sewer system i mean
    oh. and the depth is about 30 meters , you can fit a small building in there.

  35. Way tooooooo deeeeeeeeep. Looks really scary for me. Yes definitely this is the place of Spartans.

  36. OMG! what a giant deep hole to drain the lizard…AMAZİNG!


  38. LOL. thats scary. I hope someone can digg out oil or gold outta it 😀

  39. haaaaa haaaaaa…….good.
    not to mention fried rice,,,, nice

  40. WTF?!
    What a hole!!
    I think predator did this which explane why Danny Glover instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger,LOL.
    HAHAHA just kidding,but what a scary HOLE 🙂

  41. they are two different holes, sveral YEARS apart!

  42. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! The end is near!!!! These are the signs that are in the bible! Btw that’s a huge hole.





  44. how deep is that? amazing

  45. Ну зато будет куда мусор выкидывать…а что удобно.

  46. it’ all natural. they are two totally different holes, sveral YEARS aside!

  47. Yes, a CENOTE, like that of Chichen-Itza

  48. damn man….tis looks scary and btw seem as if a hole has very proper proportions, (actually too proportional if you know what I mean) for natural disaster. So was it H.A.A.R.P or some nasty alian experiment ????

  49. i like it at all
    if this is the sign of end then plssss
    come as soon as possible
    i wnna end aal things ryt now

  50. what a fucking end
    in a big shithole
    i wanna all my frnds ends up in this big shithole u tooooo bloody reading this msg

  51. Silver Surfer!

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