He Wasn’t Happy About That Random Drug Test…

Back in 2012 i worked as a medic for the largest medic service in Louisiana as a remote paramedic on a drilling rig(I live in panama City beach, FL.). I was hired on in 2007 and was chosen at random several times a yr for a drug test. Every time I was chosen I was either at work, or on training so it was not a big deal.

Enter 2012, i had just returned home on the Thursday before memorial day from a 2 week stint on the rig in the Gulf of Mexico. I got a phone call around 4pm on Friday saying i had 24 hours to complete a drug test. I was by the pool and a 6 pack in when i got the call. I asked where i needed to go to pee in a cup. My options were Jacksonville, Atlanta, or New Orleans. There were no other authorized places to accept my exceptional urine. And i had 24 hours.

I called up a few friends and they decided New Orleans would be the best spot to spend memorial day. To follow all the compliance, we left pcb, drove to Nola, partied all night, booked the only hotel we could find, eat at really expensive restaurants, peed in a cup, then went back to the french qtr.

Stayed 1 more night and drove home on Sunday.

I turned in my expense report as follows 400 miles travel expense 1 way. 220$ 1 meal in Nola for Friday night 50$(50 was the most we were allowed per meal) 1 night in the french qtr 299$ Breakfast, lunch and dinner 150$ 1 night in French qtr 349$ Breakfast 50$ 400 miles home 220$ Lunch 50 16 hours billed as overtime at 40 per hour 640$ Total billed 1948$

My supervisor prolly shut himself, but i got paid, and now there are more authorized places to piss in a cup. And until my departure from them in 2014, I never was selected again for a random test.

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