This Smart House Comfortably Houses Four People In Just 24 Square Meters

This is the Cube Two prefabricated smart home by Nestron. Here’s what it looks like from the outside. Now let’s check out the inside!

Here’s what the layout of the prefab home looks like

The Cube Two is ready to move in upon arrival

Inside this sci-fi-looking home, you’ll find a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and bar counter

The Cube Two smart home is very compact. It increases usable space over a traditional house by 15%

There’s even a skylight to let in natural light and to make the inside of the home feel bigger

Most of the furniture is included in the base price of the home

Some of the furniture that comes with it includes a dining table, a sofa, a bed rack, a wardrobe, and a bedroom counter

Even though the home is compact, it’s large enough for three or four family members to live here

The smart home as a fully-integrated AI assistant that connects all the appliances together

The AI assistant, Canny, learns and adapts over time

Even the lights can be voice-controlled with the help of the AI

The Cube Two feels like a tiny spaceship, doesn’t it?

The prefab home is 263 square feet (24.4 square meters) big

The Cube Two is available for preorder. The cost of the home starts at $52,000. But there are additional costs for add-on electrical appliances and shipping

Nestron has a few core ideas that it works and builds by. They want to make affordable and eco-friendly housing that looks and feels modern. They also take pride in their engineering skills.

For example, the insulation they use means that their prefab homes are fit for all climates—from hot to cold, to everything in between. Meanwhile, the tiny houses are made of fireproof and earthquake-resistant materials. This means that you should be safe no matter where you decide to plop down your new Cube Two.

All Nestron smart houses have a fully-integrated AI assistant. You can use your voice to control most functions and the coolest part is that the AI learns your way of living over time.

The company’s values of eco-friendly affordable housing have their roots in Papua New Guinea where Nestron’s founders went in 2013 to build prefab houses for the poor. However, they were met with a lot of obstacles, including problems with local subcontractors, missing materials, and delays. Fortunately, this mission solidified the founders’ ideals: they created the company four years later, in 2017 on this foundation.

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