Hello, Giants!

“Some portion sizes can be disappointing.”

“Your legs have to always be ready to adapt and overcome.”

“Being tall can sometimes mean you steal the spotlight.”

“Going through doors can be dangerous.”

“This happens every time you stay at a friend’s house.”

“Occasionally, even urban planning seems to have a problem with you.”

“Airplanes simply aren’t made for tall people…”

“So just imagine working in aviation!”

“Above a certain height, the whole world is an obstacle course.”

“Proper posture is essential when you’re doing dishes…”

“…Or when doing your makeup!”

“Ceiling fans are your natural enemy.”

“Cameras have trouble picking up your face…”

“…Which means that sometimes you might move undetected.”

“Until you finally remember that you stick out everywhere you go!”

“A “home gym” isn’t really an option…”

“But at least you get to take a sneak peek at what’s happening behind closed doors!”

“Truly relaxing in the shower can be very challenging…”

“And when it comes to clothes, one size does not fit all.”

“But eventually, you get used to everything, know what to expect, and begin to come prepared.”

BONUS: “Despite living in a “tiny world,” sometimes tall people manage to find the perfect fit. Here are a few extra pictures that show how it can happen.”

“Finding the perfect lapdog”

“A bed that fits”

“Someone your size”

“And sometimes, simply finding someone you can just sit and hold hands with”

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