How Jennifer Aniston Manages To Still Look Good?

Jennifer Aniston decided to post an honest behind-the-scenes pic to show how much it takes to make her look like she just ‘woke up like this’

She also posted this pic from the photoshoot that shows her efforts didn’t go to waste

“I have never seen someone enter Instagram more fully prepared. It’s a glorious master class. What an entrance, and then a #tbt, now an insta vs reality with a movie reference caption…wow. Art,” Entertainment Tonight host Lauren Zima commented under the post. While another fan wrote, “living for her posts already.”

Aniston’s career really took off when she got to play Rachel on FRIENDS. The actress said she began to see herself in a different light and find her voice when she began working on the cult show. “I started meeting all of these people who expressed to me how much the show meant to them — how it lifted their spirits during a bad breakup or got them through an illness,” she told Variety. “I was just so incredibly moved by that. And I began to change the way I thought about my own voice, and what it meant to have a platform to use it.”

Other pics from the photoshoot suggests she was having fun the whole time

According to her, “true power” comes from using one’s voice “to hold people up and bring people together.”

“It’s funny, I’ve never actually thought of myself as ‘powerful.’ Strong, yes. But powerful, not [really]. It’s a distinction I’ve actually been thinking about a lot lately because that word — ‘power’ and its counterpart, ‘abuse of power’ — keeps coming up in light of what is happening in our country and in our industry, a rebalancing of the scales, I guess you could say.”

Jeniffer Aniston’s first Instagram post was a selfie of all the cast from ‘Friends’ reunited and it already gained over 14M likes

She also posted this lovely throwback pic along with the nowadays comparison a few days ago

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