Thinking About Getting A Sex Doll? Everything You Need to Know

Your A-Z guide on what to know before you go pro. With a professionally made sex doll that is.

As fetishes, kinks, and yes- even sex dolls, become more mainstream, people are starting to take the plunge and invest in all kinds of freaky feature items. For years, people have been drastically hiding their naughty natures under the rugs and closets of hypocritical social norms.

Fair or not, people have been forced to keep some of their most basic instinctual desires locked up tighter than a republican’s…. well, locked up pretty tight. However thanks to things like better discussion, easily accessible information, and discreet shipping, more adults are letting their hair down and indulging in their wildest fantasies without shame.

“I think we’ve come to the point of realizing that sex is more than just a function of marriage and childbirth.” Says a spokesperson from Make Money Adult content. A website that specializes in delivering to adults what they want most. They’ve recently done a review on the Best Sex Dolls that your hard-earned money can buy. But here’s what you need to know before you check your bank account balance and shell out on one of the hottest sex toys available.

Forget Social Stigmas 

“Most people won’t spring for a sex doll because they’re hard to keep hidden.” Adult Content reminds us that people are still much more comfortable with fetishes that fit in bedside tables or hard drives. Well, stigmas are damned. If you’ve ever found yourself considering how much fun your very own sex doll would be, the time to buy is now.

“The technology available is absolutely incredible. Even high-end dolls are more affordable to just about anybody.” Adult Content reminds us all that the time to buy is now. With excellent perks like indwelling heaters, vibration settings, and fully customizable features, dolls are more lifelike now than ever.

Possibly even better, the conversation for many different fetishes and proclivities are really opening up. Making it less “creepy” to explore sexuality and more normal. It used to be that the guy with the sex doll was the guy you really hoped you wouldn’t have to sit next to on the bus. In modern society, films, tv shows, literature, and even normalization of porn has shown the masses that owning sex dolls really isn’t weird. It can also be super beneficial to both mental and physical health.

Work Your Way

Possibly the best thing about getting into love dolls now is the myriad of options available. Adult Content says that it’s not just acceptance driving these options, either. “Sales for sex dolls have soared. While this has a lot to do with the reduction in social stigma, it is also resultant of all of the different options that are not only available but accessible, to different demographics.”

Dolls are now geared towards different sexualities and genders. Sex dolls thoughtfully designed for LGBTQ communities and women, as opposed to just men. Dolls are also made to be fetish specific as well, where buyers can customize all sorts of things.

When you’re in the market for a new doll, consider what sort of things you’re into. Hair color, tattoos, piercings, bust and booty size are just a few of the available options. Don’t be afraid to step up to the table and really explore any possible sexual interests you may have.

UpKeep It Clean 

When you’re in the market for a sex doll, reading up on care and durability are super important. Also wise to get a good idea of necessary care instructions before you buy. Most newer dolls are made with spectacularly lifelike materials that require an amount of speciality care. While easy to clean, some may require specialized soaps or powders to keep the materials in tip-top shape. Don’t neglect these additions when you’re at the check out as they can add years onto your doll.

Know Their Role

Understand what you’re looking for a price hunt accordingly. As sex dolls and fetish gear become more mainstream, more and more companies are looking into breaking through into production. This means that old favorites will often offer promotions, and newer makers will sell at reduced prices to get their name out there.

Don’t feel like you have to compromise your desires. Make sure you shop around for the best prices for the quality of Doll you’re looking for. Review forums and professional product breakdowns are a great way to familiarize yourself with what you’re looking for before you part with any funds.

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