Insane Luck Blessed These People

The nail passed between his toes.

The bird concealed the speeder’s registration plate on the police camera.

“Found a safe in our floor during the house renovation.”

There can’t be too much ice cream: there turned out to be 2 cups in one pack.

2 palindromic bus tickets for different buses on the same day!

When you are so lucky that even a bad throw hits the target:

A shark bit her, but she wasn’t tasty enough.

Just an inch away…

Generosity has no limits.

The only time when you are actually happy to get stuck!

4-leaf clover you say? Ha!

This is what happens when 2 lucky ones park together.

When you find a fortune in the drawers you bought at a sale:

That’s a real sweet couple, not some mere Twix bars.

“Came to the exam and saw this.”

Got a chance to win $50,000!

An ice cream and a half, please!

A well-chosen airplane seat

That’s what we call an onion ring!

Someone’s guardian angel deserves an award.

This kid has just found out what a jackpot is.

This car broke through the guardrail and flew to the other side while also doing a barrel roll.

“I saw a rocket launch from my plane’s window.”

The boss wanted to reward his workers on Friday, but everyone went home early…except for one very happy employee.

Maximum avocado

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