Just Sit Back And Enjoy These Photos

This baby hummingbird is drinking juice from a raspberry.

“My little entrepreneur chose to donate 20% of the day’s sales to a non-profit organization.”

Comfort level set to maximum

Enjoying a sunbath.

My daughter enjoying a sandwich in the Los Padres National Forest

That’s the perfect thing to do with those shoes.

My son’s first meeting with nature

Mama hedgehog watching over her baby brushes

These matching friends really made us smile.

Blacknose sheep look just like stuffed animals and make great pets.

We had a baby. Meet Waffles!

I guess my daughter isn’t impressed with her first bubble.

My nephew killed it on his school project about the late, great Stan Lee.

Lots of strange things happening in the world lately. Adopted this rescue kitty today to help make both our lives better.

An elderly woman who was born on February 29, 1920 celebrates her 25th birthday.

I told my plant she could be whatever she wanted to be, so she chose to be an Ogre.

Maternal instinct

Just some couple goals right here

All the dogs from this shelter have been adopted.

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