So, Quarantine Conferences Are Going Well

So, I have a parrot and online classes. We are not required to have video in the online class, so we just connect our microphones. Today, my bed, was extremely comfortable. As I got up at 10 am to join the online meeting in Zoom, my bed started calling me. I felt it. I joined, and didn’t mute myself. Normally I’d mute myself because I have a parrot. My parrot is an Indian Ringneck, and those bastards are loud af. I decided to fall asleep through the whole class as my bed felt so good. Only after I woke up an hour after the class I realised I was still in the meeting with an unmuted microphone. I texted one of my classmates and they told me they couldn’t have a normal class, and the teacher didn’t know how to kick me out. They also said they tried talking with the parrot, they told me he said “Hello” and “What you doing” and then proceeded to repeat “ok” for the duration of the class.

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