Last Words From Famous People

– Bob Hope, after his wife asked him where he wanted to be buried.

– Del Close, Comedian.

– Dominique Bouhours, French priest and grammarian, stays technically correct to the end.

Donald O’Connor, American dancer and actor.

Donald O’Connor, American dancer and actor.

– General John Sedgwick, Union Army, shot mid-sentence at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House.

– H.G Wells, English Writer.

– Heinrich Heine, German poet.

– Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian playwright, after his wife said he was looking better.

-Humphrey Bogart.

– Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, to the ambulance crew taking him to hospital.

– James W. Rodgers, replying to his last request in front of a firing squad after the he murdered Charles Merrifield in 1957.

– Lou Costello, American actor, just before a cardiac arrest killed him.

– Richard Feynman, American theoretical physicist.

– Vic Morrow, American actor, moments before a tragic on set accident.

– Voltaire, after a priest asked if he wished to denounce Satan.

– W.C Fields, American actor, when asked why he was reading The Bible.

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