Let’s Get Back To The Good Old Days

Smoking and Mowing, c. early 1950’s, near Galena, Ohio

This is my grandma Dorothy. She was a dress designer in the 50s which always made this photo more funny to me. She passed away today at age 89. A life well lived.

My Great, Great Grandad Arthur Willson During WWI. Somewhere in Africa.

My mother feeding a puma kitten. Mexico 1970s

Dunno about ‘cool’ but deffo ‘old’… me around 1978-79 wrestling with my fretless Fender precision.

Boy scouts camp in Stonecutters Island, Hong Kong, c1955

Natural habitat- 1960’s

My Great Aunt Dorothy in the 1950s

The IBM Datacenter in Toronto, 1963.

This picture of my grandfather was taken 30 minutes before take-off on a fire bombing mission over Tokyo. He was the master gunner on a B-29 and was stationed on Top Secret Tinian Island.

Fishing trip to Canada, mid ‘60s

1971 birthday party by the orchards that would be Silicon Valley

Richmond USO representatives performing for WRVA radio c.1943

1972. The year in which I peaked.

15th Birthday in Cuba (just about 70 years ago now!)

The original Ronald McDonald in 1963

My Grandparents After Leaving Jersey City to Elope in California, 1945

My beautiful momma absolutely killing it in the 80s.

Group out for a walk in the woods – Melrose, Florida (1902)

New York City, what’re friends for, Summer of ’69.

My grandfather Germany 1944

Bringing in the hay. ca.1850s.

My grandparents, around 1943

My dad (right) with his friend who are still pals to this day [late 70’s]. just went golfing with them yesterday.

Waitress taking orders at the Rosie O’Grady’s restaurant – Orlando, Florida (1979)

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