New Airplane Seat Design Allows Economy Class Passengers To Lie Down

How cool is that?

“Most airline seats haven’t changed since the 1970’s. 99% of all Economy Class seats are fixed upright and impossible to sleep in. They force unnatural postures over long periods of time and can damage health,” Zephyr Aerospace states on their website.

“Airlines try to justify higher fares by bundling perks like in-flight meals, lounge access and extra baggage allowance. In a study we conducted, 70% of travelers would trade these perks for the sole ability to lie-flat and sleep,” says the Zephyr Aerospace team.

Apparently, Zephyr offers Economy Class travelers the comfort and privacy of an individual cabin. “Our design allows passengers the gift of multi-functional usage—to lie completely flat, lounge or sit upright with their legs fully extended,” says the team.

I have to admit, this looks really comfortable…

It also allows social distancing

“Airlines will be able to choose from upgrades like memory foam seats, black-out curtains, OLED displays, and other optional amenities,” claims the company.

Here’s what people on the internet are saying about these seats

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