Please, Don’t Try To Eat This!

“Calcite that resembles fried chicken”

“This rust stained tarp is easily mistaken for a very large burrito.”

“This eroded coral looks just like popcorn.”

“Beach glass that looks like little candies”

“Heart-shaped beads that resemble candy”

“This shredded homemade laundry detergent could be mistaken for cheese.”

“Walked down a local trail and tripped over some forbidden toast.”

“Furniture grippers that remind us of Oreos”

“Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?”

“These desserts are actually made of soap.”

“These are hairbands, not pasta.”

“These potatoes are actually large rocks.”

“I almost tried eating these one time… they’re hard and they have a magnet on the back.”

“Forbidden chocolate sponge cake”

“I make pins that look like gummy bears and chocolate bars!”

“Spackling that looks just like sorbet”

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