Not The Proudest Years In My Life

“I was the top popcorn seller in 1994”

“My brother and I were preteen rockstars, not a big deal.”

“Me at age 11 playing someone’s mother in a school musical. I’m a guy. I did love my big boobies though.”

“I thought you would appreciate an around 30 year old picture of me and my family, i’m the dude eating a plasticbag or what ever this was”

“First day of 5th grade, looking like I walked out of a Limited Too catalog”

“My friends affectionately refer to this picture as the “Water Demon” and if that doesn’t sum up my middle school years then I don’t know what does”

“I’m not gonna lie, I thought I looked cool as hell in this picture. As someone who regularly dressed like a slob and didnt care about my appearance too much, this picture helped my self esteem a lot lol”

“Photo from grade school where I look like I’m on drugs”

“9 year old me wanted to be hard”

“Me and my sister circa 1999”

“Don’t worry. We all turned out to be functioning adults. (1995)”

“My best friend and I (right) in 2004 having a photo op after shooting our first Back Street Boys music video. We’re both girls.”

“Ignoring the awful hair and dress… apparently in 2001 I thought “smile for the camera” meant “look like you might murder someone”.”

“I studied the blade back in 2002”

“Circa 2002, I thought I was rocking the gelled hair and off brand track suit for thanksgiving. Hence the cat in a tiny pilgrim hat.”

“At my school this tan line was a status symbol.”

“I wasn’t very popular at Catholic youth group.”

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