Project Manager Bully Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

“I used to work in a convenience store, and the store manager was a real prick. Misogynistic, offensive (as in haha cancer is hilarious) offensive, creepy and a downright bully. Sometime after I left, he was fired after he decided to turn a professional interview with a young woman into a conversation about her favourite porn. She reported him and he got the sack. Awesome.”

“Anyway, this guy, we’ll call him Andy, fancied himself as a real “leader”. I mean he wasn’t, he set impossible tasks and yelled instructions whilst doing absolutely nothing in the office in the meantime. I had a colleague called Gabby who, tbh, I didn’t get on with.

However I knew that at the time she was having a really tough time at home with her 3 month old son.”

“One day in the winter, it had snowed. Fairly heavily. Gabby rang in that morning and told Andy she couldn’t make it in as she was snowed in. Everybody knew that wouldn’t have been true, and that it was likely she hadn’t slept well with the baby crying and what not. But you know what, who cares? She always worked hard and she deserved a break. It was only a 4 hour shift and the store was dead anyway, no customers were gonna walk over snow and ice for the morning paper. Plus we were actually OVER staffed.

However Andy had a problem with women. He was always disrespectful and demeaning. Like the rest of us he knew she wouldn’t be snowed in, but he didn’t let it lie. He wanted to catch her out.”

“Andy abandoned the store (serious gross misconduct) and got in his car. He made the 15 minute drive all the way to Gab’s house and took pictures of her car, her front driveway and the rest of the street, to prove she wasn’t snowed in. He then called her into the office at the end of the week for a disciplinary.

When she came out she was in tears, she was on a final warning. Andy wouldn’t want a dismissal on his quarterly record, so he basically just threatened her instead. This didn’t sit well with anybody. We hated him anyway, but he went too far making a single Mum cry over something so ridiculous.”

“Well, here’s the good part. What Andy didn’t realise, was that on the last work night out, he has drunkenly revealed to the team that he was a serial cheat. He would regularly cheat on his wife of 18 years. He also has two teenage sons. He would justify it as having “natural male hunger”, if you’ve ever heard a more disturbing quote.”

“Andy used to tell his wife that on and evening he finished at 23:00. This was a lie, he never worked later than 21:00. After an evening shift he’d go and f@#k whichever side piece he had going at the time. Well one evening, he finished at 21:00 and he got in his car and started driving. What he didn’t realise, was that Gab, who wasn’t on shift that day, had dropped her son at her Mum’s house and had waited outside the store in her car for Andy to leave.”

“She tailed his car all the way to his hook up house and parked three houses down. She then proceeded to take pictures of Andy hugging and kissing this random woman, before pulling her inside and slamming the door. You can see where this is going.”

“Andy didn’t come into work for a week. When we saw him next he looked broken. His wife had been anonymously sent the pictures of him getting off with another woman. She’d kicked him out and had contacted a solicitor to start a divorce process. His sons had blocked his number and wanted nothing to do with him. Of course he knew who sent the pictures. But he had no proof, no evidence.”

“Gabby stayed at the store for another 3 months before moving into a recruitment position for a pharmaceutical company. As far as I know she’s still there today, and doing well. As for Andy, I have no idea whether the divorce went through or not, I blocked him on all social media after I left the company, about a month after this whole thing.

What I do know is that he’s a disgusting, reprehensible human being who thought he was invincible. He thought he could walk all over people, bullying and belittling as he went. Well he soon realised that nobody is invincible, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching his collapse.”

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