Sasha Grey at Emerson Elementary School

The former adult actress Sasha Grey participated in the Read Across America literacy program by reading to a first grade class at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, CA. However, when parents got wind of her participation the school attempted to deny she was ever there. The following photos make the school officials look a little silly. Grey released a statement saying she was proud to have participated.













  1. Oh for crying out loud.

    A lot of people knew she had always wanted to be a preschool teacher.

    But…how did she get into AV business anyway???

  2. Annnnnnnddd… wow unless your children actually knew who she was i dont see an issue.. and if a child does know who she is then how did they even come to know that? there 1st graders engaging in a pure activity, I belive that even porn people are people to, and dont try to fight it cause even the folks that like to deny this stuff secretly watch it to, buuttt its just my opinion i guess lol

  3. She is doing a good teaching in the Emerson elementary school.

  4. i love what she is doing.

  5. She is the best teacher i couldn’t have….

  6. i also adore her.what she did nothing wrong,but also tells she is kind to kids.

  7. i’d like to know how the parents knew who she is…..hmmmmmm

  8. Sasha Grey wasn’t just a porn star she was gang bang queen and did all manner of disgusting sex acts for money. The question is: Would you let your child hang out with prostitutes? Not much difference! Schools are supposed to be bastions of morality and this is equivalent to letting a immoral fox into a hen house of innocents! One final observation: where the heck are ANY white kids in this school?

  9. @dillon j
    statistically, who do you think is most likely to molest/endanger my child?
    a. sasha grey
    b. a prostitute
    c. a member of the catholic church

    the correct answer is overwhelmingly c.

    and there are no white kids at the school because the school pictured is located in compton, a poor area of los angeles. all of the white kids are at better schools in nicer parts of town.
    so relax, no one is taking anything from you.
    just sit back, relax, keep voting republican, and stfu.

  10. I don t see what is so bad about AV shows and Sasha Grey is a g8 teacher and if i was livin there i will let my kids go to that school and let them and make sure that miss Sasha Grey is they teacher and no 1 eles so all u guys out there shut up ur big a$$ self up plzzzzzzzz

  11. she is doing good…and the porn is over 4 his life

  12. I agree with dubs –

    statistically, who do you think is most likely to molest/endanger my child?
    a. sasha grey
    b. a prostitute
    c. a member of the catholic church

    Sasha is beautiful whether in adult films or the classroom…

  13. the funny part is 10 years later all the kids will be like, F**Ck! why?! why!?

  14. Citizens Rights

    Miss Grey showed up looking to the kids like a mother or big sister. She didn’t dress provocatively, minimal make-up, she obviously participated in the reading program with zest and glee. Why didn’t anyone interview the kids to see what they thought of Miss Grey — bet they thought see was fun, neat, pretty, and the highest praise a 6 year old can give “OK”. I doubt that very many of the kids rushed home to watch Miss Grey in a porn video!

  15. Love her smile.

  16. @dillon j

    You’re talking like prostitutes are different creatures from another planet you should know that most of them are single moms that care and love children.

  17. oh for God sake enough already, she is a FORMER adult movies star, give a girl a break will ‘ya?? everybody deserve a second chance…

  18. Nice move Sasha you have change a lot i love you for that!!! All of us has the right to change our path it depends on where and how you start! for that may God guide you and i hope you are true to yourself now!! The new Mary Magdalene!

  19. Can I shoot morons?

    Oh for crying out loud Dillon! Hypocrite much? She may be a porn star but she’s human too. That’s about it. What’s so wrong with people in the porn industry wanting to do something different anyway? She didn’t come to school in come-fuck-me-boots, barely-there skirt or boob-popping shirt, did she? It may have been a publicity stunt, but she dressed appropriately and behaved accordingly. You must really not want her to quit the porn industry for you to react so “passionately”. Tsk tsk… *SMH*

  20. bigot@Dillon Jacobsen what kind of retard are you? so what if Sasha Grey was a “gang bang queen”? all manner of disgusting sex acts? she never did bestiality or necrophilia. she did group sex, anal sex, deepthroat, and some soft bdsm. polyamory isnt my thing, but i do the rest in my private life. so she did it to entertain others and you think you have the right to judge her? there isnt a single thing wrong with anything she did. shes got more moral fiber than you, thats for sure. Schools are supposed to be bastions of morality? public schools are corrupted centers of propagandaist brainwashing! One final observation: you are a bigot!

  21. The hypocrisy continues… What’s to say that a porn star can’t be a good teacher? I’d prefer her to a catholic priest any day. Yet, for some reason we keep putting play grounds near a church…


  23. She is doing something good for the community why should it matter what she did in her past

  24. I like here!Because give me more knowlegdge!TKS!

  25. For my opinion, she is doing this to help people specially the kids.

    for all the haters, can you do what she have done?
    at least she have done something with her heart not the haters that done nothing just to tell that this woman only does this and that.

    Sasha, keep up the work your helping the community with all your heart.

  26. …there is nothing wrong with what she’s doing…people who’ve nothing to do think they’re are perfectly clean…why don’t look on the mirror first then try judge anyone…

  27. How can I fap to this? She’s so pretty, cute, adorable, etc. Can I marry her now?

  28. If i wer to say, what ms grey did s just a good example of how to show people should care about those little children. For me, her participation in that program doesnt give any harm to those children. She not there as a former AV idol but as a good teacher whom wants to be able to share what knowledge she gots. Pls dont think to much. Just look how she change and support her to be better! God work miss grey!

  29. i really like anything she does, as it n the movie or in real,,

  30. I wish she was my teacher!

  31. Firstly, why are famous (notorious) people so important? I’m not with or against, but I want to ask: has L.A. lost all of its good people but Sasha to read for children? Secondly, and most significantly, does Sasha do this for itself or for more fame and money? Remember that everything comes from such fame seekers is about fame and money.

  32. i like this girl and if i have the opportunity i will marry her. she was doing what she loves and enjoy doing and she is doing now what she loves likewise. i love her so much and i need her number. can anyone provide me?

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