Single dads are nothing short of superheroes

“An Acrobatic Single Dad, Who Quits University To Join Circus, And His Adorable 3-Year-Old Son.”

“Amazing To Hold My Son’s Hand And To Adventure With Him.”

“A Little Over Two Years Ago My Daughter Made Me This Bracelet. It Was A Complete Turning Point In My Life And Never Leaves Me.”

“Oh, You Know, Just A Little Spa And Movie Time With The Girls.”

“I’m A Single Dad Of 3. This Is Me Sending Off My Only Daughter To Her First Day Of Kindergarten.”

“After Wife’s Death During The Delivery, People Helped This Single Father To Recreate Her Recordings So Their Baby Could Listen To Mom’s Lullabies. Jarred Also Plans To Complete Wife’s Bucket List Together With Son James.”

“This Is My Best Friend Aaron. He Became A Single Father At The Age Of 19.”

“Single Dad Couldn’t Do His Daughter’s Hair, So He Went To Beauty School.”

“As A Single Father, I Try My Best Even When Having Tough Times.”

“I’m A Single Dad. Daughter Asked Me To Give Her Stuffed Bunny A Bath. She’s At Her Mom’s So I Sent Her This.”

“This Funny Single Dad Takes A Daily Selfie Right After Waking Up His Daughter. Her Reactions Are Priceless.”

“As A Single Dad And Pilot, I Fly Passengers So I Can Go Home And Feed My Kid. I Also Often Take Her Around The World With Me.”

“I Can’t Wait To Pick My Baby Up From Her First Day Of Kindergarten.”

“I’m A Single Father. My Favorite Color Is Green. And My Daughter Knows When I’ve Had A Hard Day At Work.”

“Single Father With His Daughter, Dressed As A Fairy And Princess.”

“My Daughter Turns Four Today. This Is My First Attempt At A Cake As A Single Dad. I Hope She Likes It!”

“I’m A Single Dad. My Daughter Asked When I’d Teach Her How To Shave Her Legs. Well, Today Was The Day.”

“Built A Box Fort For My Son Today.”

“After Becoming A Single Dad, He Learned How To Do His Daughter’s Hair And Now Teaches Other Dads.”

“It’s A Wonderful Feeling To Be The First Man To Give Her 2 Dozen Roses And Show How Men Are Supposed To Treat Ladies.”

“My Son Turns Five Tomorrow. I’m A Low-Income Single Father, So I Couldn’t Buy The Cake He Wanted. This Is The Cake My Nine Year Old Daughter Made For Him – Captain America Cake.”

“I Had Always Planned On Doing Something Like This For A Woman, But I Realized The Most Important Female That Deserves My Attention Is Already Right Here Beside Me. – P.s. She Said Yes!”

“It’s Not Always Easy Being A Single Dad But Sometimes I Get To Experience Some Things Other Dads Might Not.”

“As A Single Dad, She Loves Our Halloween Nights.”

“I Raise You Single Father Dress Up Time.”

“My Uncle Is A Single Dad. This Is What He Came Up With When His 3-Year-Old Asked For Non-Circle Pancakes.”

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