Stupid Photoshop Mistakes

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  1. i disagree with .. look closer its the cupboard i call faked on a few also… sorry i think they would catch some of those

  2. The photo after the eminien one is wrong. there arent two suns, the sun on the right is a mirrored image of the original sun…some of these are just stupid like the woman with no belly button, okay how the hell could they miss that?? they arent that stupid. and i agree with fedgez about the men style photo.

  3. The issue with the mens style photo isn’t that the cupboard is there, it’s that the REFLECTION of it is bass-ackwards.
    The TRUE reflection should show the sliding door of FIRST, THEN the panel.

  4. The problem with MEN STYLE is the man isn’t reflected how can’t you see that, nothing to do with the cupboard!

  5. In the Last one, there are people who actually don’t have belly button.

  6. Some of these are very questionable, but interesting at the same time. I do have a question, though, regarding the comment about some people not having belly buttons. How were they born with no umbilical cord? The belly button is where the umbilical cord was attached to the body while in the mother’s womb. Is there some other way people are born than without umbilical cords? I’m asking because I’m curious, not to be mean.

  7. What’s wrong with the eminem one?

  8. jesus people look, mens style
    1. look at the wood grain – that is the way the reflection is.
    2. his reflection is behind her look closer you can see his shirt.

  9. Very cool, very well noticed.

  10. Nocturnesthesia

    OK, I know I’m missing something blatantly obvious with the Eminem one… Is it because he looks like an offspring of Hitler and Pee Wee Herman? Cause he looks like that normally…. =S

    Also to the person who asked about the “no belly button” ^^

    Everyone has to have an umbilical cord when they are in utero… But after you’re born, the belly button itself is pretty useless. As a result, if you ever have to have surgery in that region (a hernia, for example), then the way it heals may result in having your belly button “disappearing”. Unless you’re willing to pay a cosmetic surgeon to “fix” it, which most people usually couldn’t be arsed to do.

  11. Ann Coulter’s hands aren’t photoshopped. They really are that long. Just do an image search on her hands.

  12. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to your work. If you think know one will catch it think again. Your work is your signature.

  13. Some of those are clearly not mistakes, some of them. lol.

  14. The MENS STYLE photo is clearly not a mistake.

    The reason the man is not visible in the mirror is simply because the dude is a vampire.

  15. wow just think about money!like they do!

  16. These would be a lot more fun without the stupid red circles.

  17. The reason the last one doesn’t have a belly button is because they had to perform surgery on her when she was born and thus there was no development of a belly button, look it up, that’s not a photoshop if that’s the same person I’m thinking and know of that doesn’t have a belly button.

  18. It has nothing to do with the bellybutton (Navel)…the girl is black, her stomach is white…idiots.

  19. The one of the Asian model holding flowers and standing in a weird stance ISN’T a mistake. She’s just standing with her legs turned outwards. Looks like she’s a ballet dancer.

    The one of Eminem looks like he has two left eyes.

    And yeah, the one with two suns is obviously just a mirror. You can see a perfectly reflected chair as well.

  20. OK, most of these are pretty obvious, though (apart from being a creepy-looking dude) I haven’t yet figured out what’s supposed to be wrong with the first one (#02), other than it’s probably one person’s head and another’s body, but if I don’t know the person, it isn’t very obvious.

    @branes: Which one is Ann Coulter? All the hands shots have something wrong other than just “long”. The Secret Lift image (#12) hands are in different positions in the mirror vs. the direct view (but to be fair, this is a line drawing, not a photo, so it isn’t a Photoshop mistake but an artist’s poor rendering of perspective); the Salazar poster image (#11) woman has only 3 fingers; the book cover (#29) chick has 3 hands (and the guy has an extra finger) — but again, to be fair, book covers like this are usually paintings and not photos, so these would also not be Photoshop mistakes, but errors by an artist who was revising the painting as he or she went along and lost track of details.

    @dan: (Men.Style.Com, #09) You’re wrong. Look at the sliding panels in front of the mirror. Note that the man’s head is TOUCHING (or very nearly touching) the first panel at the left. Now scan slowly left to right across the image– man and first panel, second panel, edge of mirror, reflection of second panel, reflection of first panel… notice now that there is no reflection of the man anywhere NEAR the reflection of the first panel. The red circle is in slightly wrong position (it should be further to the right), but not so far off that we can’t figure out what’s wrong. If the reflection of the man were hidden behind the woman, then on our side of the mirror he would appear much further away from that sliding panel.

  21. The JCPenny pic kinda scared me.

  22. All of you picked up that the curves model has no belly button… but not that her stomach is a completely different colour to the rest of her body? Though I suppose she could be wearing another shirt under the top one, making all arguments about her stomach region moot.

  23. The one with Artelac Advanced isn’t a photoshop error. The stand is meant to have another piece on the front of it to make it 3D. She’s meant to have her hands interlinked under her chin, so the arm stops coz it’s meant to be her elbow. Look at the smaller picture underneath

  24. Taylor says:
    July 6, 2010 at 8:30 pm
    It has nothing to do with the bellybutton (Navel)…the girl is black, her stomach is white…idiots.

    Taylor you are obviously an idiot she is wearing a shirt. that isn’t a white stomach its a undershirt.

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  26. Really funny. Shocking comments though 😀

  27. Really requires some jobless time to find such pictures. And the funniest part is after all that effort, people leave comments finding Your errors. Just appreciate his effort Guys! Nice Collection. Worth Sharing on facebook 🙂

  28. He has got a point. The collector has put a lot of effort in this collection. Just appreciate his work.. Nice work “Admin”.

  29. “Ann Coulter’s hands aren’t photoshopped, they really are that long”…I think the point is that she only has four fingers. Duh.

  30. i can’t find the first pic have what’s wrong…..

  31. HILARIOUS!!!!! stupid designers..

  32. Its so freaking dumb that most of them are photoshops of womens, cloths, womens, couture houses and womens. Pathetic

  33. Hey, they took out the playboy model without the belly button, that’s the one i was talking about. They also took out the Ann Coultier picture because they aren’t actually photoshopped.

  34. All of the curves ads were like that with the different models. They were wearing shirts underneath their top shirts.

  35. the woman is not just missing a bellybutton, her stomach color doesn’t match her face color by a long shot!

  36. Is everybody in here color blind or what? Regarding the picture that everybody is saying the lady has no belly button, that’s not the issue, if you open your eyes and look a little closer you will notice the lady is BLACK and her stomach is WHITE. Exactly like amber said above my comment. Goodness people if that was a snake it would have bite you.

  37. anyways good job I got some laughs out of it.

  38. It’s not that the woman in the Curves photo didn’t have a bellybutton, her face torso was of a different race…. and some people have high bellybuttons, where others have low ones even if it is abnormally low or high.

  39. I agree, with grouse- the third photo of the girl in black looks completely real to me. I’m a ballet dancer and it’s clear that her legs are simply turned out.

  40. ok people, it isnt that shes missing a belly button-(the curves photo) its that she’s black and her tummy is white…

  41. About the sunset over the sea (No 2).. what the designer did was reverse the part of the picture with the sunset in it to make a fake surface.. IT IS NOT A REFLECTION.

    Proof? First assume the lighting in the room is coming from 1 direction, would the beam btn the window panes, would it be brighter on that side? Now u can say there’s some lighting in that area of the room lighting it up, but look at the cushions below it which show a darker shadow on in the direction where the light is coming from..

    Now that u have a good look at that area also note that the cushions are arranged different..

    The designer simply forgot to remove the sunset…

  42. Always interesting when people try to PhotoShop.
    99% it just shows that the photographer wasn’t any good to start with!

  43. ok getting very irritated here, regarding the curves add.. it should not be up here. The model is not ‘missing a belly button’ or has a different color torso that does not match her skin color. THE LIGHTER COLOR YOU ARE SEEING UNDER HER SHIRT, IS AN UNDERSHIRT, NOT A MISTAKE BY SOMEONE NOT KNOWING HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP!

  44. kk look romane plz can u wake up and smell smartness?ITS CALLED PHOTOSHOPING!! K? im only 11 and i kno that there’s no way in heaven u can live without a umbilicle cord OR HOWEVER u spell it.u cant live u will die instanly probaly the person having the baby would have a miscarrige lol..

  45. k dumbies here i am again shes not missing a freckin’ belly button! she wearing a dress so first off theres no way in heck u can even c her belly button! & 2nd off that wasnt even supposed to be a photoshop mistake so u should have known u r bein a real dumie k? it was soppesed to be the background between her arms and her side cuz 98% of the background is gray and between her arm and side is white so there u go!

  46. oh lol i just sounded stupid i apologize hahahaha! i thought these ppl wer talkin bout the lady wit the dress but admit if ppl thought what i thought these ppl thought u would have said and thought the same thing …

  47. ok well this goes for the second image posted on here… who ever posted that is a complete deuce bag!!! if you examine the photo well enough, if you were smart enough to do that instead of skipping to a conclusion, you could clearly see that where the “second sun” is located is actually a mirror! look at the reflecitons. There’s a cup on the table, there’s a cup on the other side too and its exactly the same. The brown chair, the back of it is reflecting.

    some people are stupid. SHAME

  48. Very interesting when people try to use PhotoShop.
    See nice design builded on Photoshop
    99% it just shows that the photographer wasn’t any good to start with!

  49. its not the fact she has no belly button , its that she is black and her belly is white?

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