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It’s Time to Eat

When a black snake is hungry, it can easily eat another snake! Those of you who really love wild life can also see the first part about a hungry black snake’s dinner. The Concordia research station is located on the …

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Floppy Snake Atretochoana Eiselti

Atretochoana eiselti, a very rare snake, was found during an examination of a hydroelectric dam on a river in the Amazon. It’s an eyeless blind snake more closely related to the salamander that lives at the bottom of the Madeira …

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Caterpillar Looks Like a Snake

Elephant Hawk Moth (deilephila elpenor) caterpillar mimicking a snake. When startled, the caterpillar draws its trunk into its foremost body segment. This posture resembles a snake with a large head and four large eye-like patches.

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