The Best Work-From-Home Bosses

“Working from home. Best coworkers ever! But not very engaged.”

“Rivers is LOVING that his parents are working from home.”

“Working from home and my boss is constantly looking over my shoulder.”

When working from home actually means endless play time:

“The joys of working from home”

“I told Taco I’d be working from home this week… this conflicts with his nap schedule.”

“Working from home”

“Loving my new officemate now that I’m working from home!”

“Your boss when you are working from home for the first time”

“I think he found out that other dog parents are working from home.”

“I’m working from home and my new colleague is pretty cute.”

“I think my cat is not happy I’m working from home.”

“Working from home is gonna be easy,” they said.

“Took Nancy’s LinkedIn profile pic while working from home this week.”

“Helios is working from home with me.”

“Still being closely supervised while working from home.”

“Working from home has just gotten increasingly more difficult.”

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