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For many hundreds of years, the pectoral cross has been the most common decoration worn by both adults and children. The reason why they are worn is different for everyone – for some it’s a symbol of faith, but for some it’s a wonderful precious accessory.

In the online catalog of the Fjewellery store, you’ll find the largest assortment of such accessorise – from classic Catholic and Orthodox crosses to simple decorative ones. But before you make your choice and buy it – let’s find out a little more about this unique piece of jewellery.

A little about history

The earliest found examples of such jewellery are quite ancient – they date back to the 5th cent. Gold crosses with a crucifix were found a little later – closer to the middle of the 6th century. But why was gold used to create them, and not any other simple metal? The thing is that for Christians there was nothing dearer than a cross, which symbolized all the strength of their faith. Therefore, people ordered the production of this religious symbol from the most significant and expensive metal – aurum. Later, inserts of precious stones began to be added to the decoration. Most often, clergymen began to wear yellow gold crosses with gems, for whom faith is the meaning of their life, and the religious symbol in the form of a cross is an absolute.

But over time, a lot has changed and today not only religious people wear such symbols. Some people wear them as a beautiful accessory, and choose just such a shape for its laconicism and elegance.

Religious or decorative – what’s the difference?

If we compare these two accessorise, then, of course, the main and most important difference is the absence of a crucifix on the decorative cross. On such jewellery, there are various patterns of coloured gems, ceramics or enamel and other decorative elements – complete freedom of the imagination of the designer or jeweller.

The cross, as a religious attribute, looks more restrained and there are certain canons according to which they are made. There’re several types of them, and the most common are:

  • Latin four-pointed (Crucifixion);
  • Greek equilateral;
  • Inverted – it’s the Cross of St. Peter;
  • Orthodox (Six-pointed);
  • Russian (Eight-pointed);
  • Tau or the symbol of St. Anthony;
  • Celtic;
  • Maltese;
  • Coptic.

Each of them has its own special meaning and is a talisman for its owner. It’s believed that you need to wear such a protective amulet without removing it, so that the divine blessing is always with you. Also, it should be worn under clothes and hidden from prying eyes, unlike decorative, which can be freely worn as a decoration.

The prices for such crosses are also very different and depend on many factors (type of metal, precious inserts, weight, etc.). There are also small inexpensive silver crosses that look very elegant and neat, and there’re also large massive models of platinum or gold, with inlays of magnificent rubies or diamonds, and the price for them, respectively, is much higher.

But how do you find the most suitable option for yourself? The best idea would be to look into the Fjewellery online store and, with the help of detailed photos, characteristics and descriptions, choose a unique and perfect accessory that will meet all your requirements. Enjoy your shopping!


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