The Rock Photobomb


  1. the guy looks like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)….

    btw, 1st post! Woot!!

  2. wait… that isn’t the rock?

  3. Umm, it is. This post is named “The Rock Photobomb”…

  4. Haha it yeah, its the Rock.

  5. You people are retarded

  6. What do you mean by “you people”?

  7. It’s a photoshop. Don’t be stupid.

    The most obvious thing being how perfectly symmetrical his shadow is, and how it is completely different to the other 2 in the picture.

    What a waste of my time.

  8. definitely looks like The Rock, maybe photoshop.

  9. I believe he is the Rock.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  10. This is real… the lady in the sweater is his x-wife, Dany Garcia. So, Nick, maybe you’re the stupid one?

  11. @Nick:
    “how perfectly symmetrical his shadow is” !?!?!?!!?!?!?!? are you serious? of course its symmetrical to him! its his own damn shadow!

  12. yes, that’s rock

  13. It’s called the rock photobomb, of course it is the rock and of course its photshopped. It’s a really abd photshop that’s the whole point of it being posted here as this? I can’t believe ur actually discussing it? What do u think this website is?

  14. This is a real photo. Since it hit the internet there have been several parodies of it where they photoshop the Rock from this picture into other photos. This is the original

  15. hey, that looks like that ex-professional wrestler guy who’s now an actor

  16. haha hilarious. i dont get the horse one

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