The Tragic End of Paul the Octopus

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  1. Nah- he just be doin what we negrahs do best. No work- plenny oh pay.

  2. this has to be the greatest fail of all fails in internet history, the most stupid post ever to appear and the weakest and most pathetic attempt at funny by the greatest internet loser ever, and that doesn’t even begin to describe how unawesome this post is…it deserves a tragic end

  3. Nothing against Paul but the joke is hilarious, about time someone took a stab at this over glorified game named soccer.

    I would be nice if the earnings that Paul created were used for a good cause, he surely is better served than on a pizza.

    Paul is great, soccer not so ………………..

  4. Paul the Octopus could be a millionaire yet he is staying home

  5. World Cup 2010 is over I wonder what Paul the octopus will do.

  6. Amazing Paul…

    Soendoro Soetanto

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