What a Cool Chair!

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  1. Who sells it? Where can you get one? More info.

  2. what is the name of this chair so i can find one

  3. Found it here, its called “Gravity”;


    Wow, $2,000 USD, still wicked cool though.

  4. I had one of these already more than 20 years ago, is was one of the best chairs to work from home in I ever had. When you tilt it back completely you feel like floating.

  5. It’s made by the “STOKKE” company they make a variety of cool chairs
    also check out “VARIER” another cool chair comp

  6. Used to own that chair. Sold it because it took up to much space and hurt my husbands bag.

  7. Nice chairs.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  8. http://www.varierfurniture.com/Collections/Human-instruments/Gravity-balans-R

    this where you really find it and 3ds files for it so you can manipulate the design yourself

  9. Cool. But we can’t yaar 🙁

  10. V can’t on long time.

  11. awesome!! i want one!

  12. This is the best chair I have ever tried, perfect when you need a power nap. We actually had one in the office in my former agency. Yeah, there are some things I miss about Europe. Anyone knows if it can be bought over here? Then I will talk my boss into buying one…

  13. Not so cool if it snapped

  14. Great chair! I need one at home after work!!!

  15. I own one of these. 🙂

    As others mentioned, it’s the Gravity from Stokke. Unfortunately, they don’t make them anymore; so you can only get used ones on eBay & Co (e.g. for around 1000 Euros in Germany, but there are only a few available).

    This thing is the real deal. I don’t give much for designer furniture (most of my home is equipped with cheap IKEA stuff), but sitting in a Gravity is like floating on air.

    If you want to buy one, you should take this into consideration:

    – You can’t work in it. Browsing on an iPad or reading a magazine, maybe – that’s about it.

    – Don’t even try to sleep a whole night in it. Worst. Aching. Back. Ever.

    – For everything else (watching a movie, reading a novel, dozing, a long phone call), this is Heaven. In the maximum position, your legs and your belly float a bit above your head. It’s like really great, slow sex.

    I also found out that this is *not* a piece of furniture girls/women will feel comfortable in, for obvious reasons. It’s basically the hippie version of a gynecologist chair.

    If, however, you have a girlfriend with an open mind, a bottle of excellent wine, some candles and some time to spare … you know what to do. 🙂

  16. Anna, I think your husband either is sitting in the chair wrong or his “bag” is way too big. o_O

  17. The Gravity chair is most definitely still in production and celebrated its 25th year anniversary in 2008 with the launch of a limited production run of 250 individually signed chairs by the designer Peter Opsvik.
    The Stokke seating division was acquired by Varier of Norway, a number of years back. Most of the original Stokke classic movement balans chair collection is still in production, and available in the US. Varier has also continued to tweak and enhance a number of the existing chair designs, along with adding quite a number of fabulous new chairs to the collection, including some new designs by Peter Obsvik, and Olav Eldoy.

    The current retail price for the latest version of the Gravity Balans chair is just under $2000.00 with natural frame and Cat A fabric. A design investment in my opinion that is well worth the $$$$.

  18. This chair is very much in production, and is the ideal solution for ergonomics for a wireless generation. It is the original zero gravity design and is the only chair in the world that takes you from ergonomic tasking to zero gravity reclining (spine in neutral posture, legs above heart) in one chair. Placed in front of any work surface it allows you to move through a variety of proper postures. AMAZING

    find them on facebook here http://www.facebook.com/varier.ahumanidea

  19. You can definitely still buy this chair in America through Varier USA http://www.varierfurniture.com/Collections/Human-instruments/Gravity-balans-R

    They have multiple online retailers who sell their products as well as stores like Relax the Back. I have their Thatsit balans for my desk, but I want to get this chair eventually for my living room. Varier has the best ergonomic chairs period, well worth the investment.

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