The Various Hookup Types People Have After A Breakup

Let’s be honest, breakups are never pretty. It doesn’t matter why they happen; they often take away a piece of our soul and emotions every time they happen. This is the reason why many tend to separate their emotions from a relationship that is just starting out.

Although we all love a great relationship, it is almost impossible to avoid breakups entirely. However, one of the things that help to soothe the pain is often the next hookup.

In this post, we will look at the various hookup types people have after a breakup.

  1. THE DIFFICULT AND CONFUSING HOOKUP: It really doesn’t matter how long it has been since your last breakup; you will have to develop some extra grit for this hookup. The reason for this is that you are most likely to have this hookup mixed up with memories and lessons learned from your previous relationship. If the person possesses a few attributes similar to your ex (most times they will), it will trigger these memories.

You will need to avoid comparing your new date with your ex even when you are tempted to do so. You may have to fight the voices in your head that the new person does not understand you like your ex. One of the great feelings that come with this hookup is the good feeling you have within yourself. In this hookup, you can be proud that you were able to develop the fortitude to move on. Click this link to learn more.

  1. THE “I COULDN’T DATE YOU BECAUSE OF MY RELATIONSHIP” HOOKUP: Most times people tend to meet another person that they are attracted to while in a relationship with someone they love. While some people don’t seem to care about how pursuing these feelings may hurt their better half, others value and prioritize their current relationship. This doesn’t mean that they stopped being attracted to the other person, it simply meant that they would not take any risks that jeopardize their current relationship.

Once the relationship has ended however, the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of starting something with their crush. Hence, they may flirt a little with the person but it mostly ends in disappointment. This is because they are hoping for something more unique than what they had experienced in their previous relationship.

  1. THE TRACKBACK HOOKUP: This hookup often takes place when you feel the void created by your ex terribly and you do not have anyone to help fill it yet. People in this category often look to hook up with the person they were in a relationship with before the break-up. This form of hookup often leads to disappointment.
  2. THE NEW ERA HOOKUP: This type of hookup involves hanging out with someone new. This often comes as a result of getting fed up with what’s happening around us and the dire need to do something different and try something new. Most people report that this hookup may be uncomfortable at first; however, they are often fun, exciting, and adventurous.

We all have individual expectations from our relationships and these expectations often guide us to the hookup type we eventually fall into.


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