Well, That’s Curious…

“Someone made this miserable moth walk in snow.”

“Why is the Uber helicopter is the cheapest of all the options???”

“I noticed my son walking with a case, opening it, checking something, and saying, ‘My precious’ but he wouldn’t show it to me! Got a chance to catch a glimpse and there were… HUGE ROCKS in there.”

Dads always know what to say.

“Met a guy on Tinder who apparently lives in my apartment.”

When your dad has a plan:

Inspiration can catch you at any moment.

Language teachers should do a better job.

“I was looking for earrings online and I found this masterpiece.”

“If you have any questions just go here-kitty-kitty and I’ll come to you.”

The end result people dream about:

You don’t expect this from a Band-aid.

“Important update from mom”

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