The Winners Of “European Wildlife Photographer Of The Year”

Category Birds: “Night Hunter” By Jonas Classon (Se)

Category Mammals: “A Quick Sip” By Javier Aznar (Es)

Category Birds: “Following Mum” By Oscar Dewhurst (Gb)

Category Plants And Fungi: “Spirits Of The Bamboo Forest” By Agorastos Papatsanis (Gr)

Category Mammals: “Hareball” By Andrew Parkinson (Gb)

Category Men And Nature: “Crab Road” By Tom Schandy (No)

Category Fritz Pölking Junior Prize: “A Flurry Of Snow” By Florian Smit

Category Plants And Fungi: Winner: “Blooming Desert” By Marco Gaiotti (It)

Category The Underwater World: Runner Up: “Hitch-Hiking Octopus” By Magnus Lundgren (Se)

Category Birds: Winner: “Penguin Defence” By Ben Cranke (Gb)

Category Birds: “Natural Colours” By Salvador Colvee (Es)

Category Other Animals: “Firefly Light Trails In The Rainforest” By Konrad Wothe (De)

Category Birds: “Storm Brewing” By Oscar Diez (Es)

Category The Underwater World: “Constellation Of Eagle Rays” By Henley Spiers (Gb)

Category Young Photographers To 14 Years: Runner Up: “A Home In Pink” By Carlos Perez Naval (Es)

Category Young Photographer 15 To 17 Years: Runner Up: “Musketeers” By Grzegorz Dlugosz (Pl)

Category Plants And Fungi: “Swamp Colours” By Mauro Battistelli (It)

Category Young Photographers To 14 Years: Winner: “Backlight” By Andres Domingues Blanco (Es)

Category Other Animals: Runner Up: “Curious Glances” By Manuel Plaickner (It)

Category The Underwater World: Winner: “Whale Milk” By Mike Korostelev (Ru)

Category Mammals: “A Study Of Art” By Klaus- Peter Echle (De)

Category Nature´s Studio: Winner: “Galaxy” By Thomas Hempelmann (De)

Category Birds: “Strange Encounters” By Hannes Klostermann (De)

Category Men And Nature: “Busy Lines” By Pere Soler Isern (Es)

Category Nature´s Studio: “Owl Forest” By Bertold Nagy (Hu)

Category Other Animals: “In A Hat” By Katarzyna Gubrynowicz (Pl)

Category Men And Nature: “The New Lighthouse Keepers” By Audun Rikardsen (No)

Category Plants And Fungi: “Wrapped” By Theo Bosboom (Nl)

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