20 Fast Food Workers Will Feel These Photos

“Lightning McQueen came through the drive-thru!”

“A register speaking mine craft enchantment table”

“When the fries show how working makes you feel”

“Me too fryer, me too.”

“What an honor it is to be working the same till as the man, the myth, the legend.”

“The pies are ready.”

“The aftermath of the ice in the fryers photo”

“Ominous broom noise”

“Our apple pies use real apples, you can tell by the stem…”

“A typical closing shift burger”

“Yes, I did this. Yes, I am proud.”

“Go move the stuff in the sink and start working on dishes.”

The sink:

“Someone ordered 10 large fries and wanted them all in a plastic bag…”

“Extra 3 of everything, 6 extra regular patties, no pickles — happened right before the grill was cleaned. Some kid wanted to impress his friends and ordered it through the app at 2 a.m.”

“Here’s my friend on his last shift. It was actually a tradition here to mess up employees on their last shifts (it changed after that, the GM got quite mad seeing this wasted tartar sauce and whipped cream).”

“Someone took their horses through the drive-thru today.”

“The McChickenChickenChicken”

“Another employee”

“I asked my co-worker for extra pickles and I’m satisfied with his work.”

“When you’re extremely bored on a slow Sunday night”

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