Try Drinking From These ‘Cups’

“Test tubes tasting rack”

“Jello shots being served out of hard-boiled eggs”

“Authentic Cuban street food restaurant really sticking with the street aesthetic.”

““ER margarita” served in an IV bag”

“I was served my drink in a leather bag”

“Our cocktails were served in inverted and out of shape fish tanks”

“This cost me £14 in Mayfair, London. I think it’s a Christmas ornament. The bird arrived in a decorative bird cage. The stand is made of painted ice lolly sticks and pompoms. Every time I drank from it, I was worried I’d knock it over.”

““Adult drink pouch” or breast milk bag? You decide”

“Drank out of a solid ice mug today!”

“A cocktail in two parts. Equally stupid.”

“My country puts drinks in plastic bags if you want to drink it back at home”

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