Vegan Karen Makes Her Move

“My next-door neighbor is a Karen who recently adopted a few dogs. At first, there was no issue but then my drive-way and lawn started getting more and more dog cr#p. Everyone who has dogs is very good at picking up after their pets, except for Karen. She denies it’s her dogs despite security footage showing it’s clearly her and her damn dogs.”

“The dogs are not trained well, Karen doesn’t use leashes because “they are barbaric” and sadly there is no law where we live about dogs being on leashes. She also put them on vegan diets which is clearly NOT doing well for the dogs. Karen also leaves the dogs in her backyard and they bark at everything. We tried calling the police but they don’t do jack. The entire neighborhood is fed up with her.”

“One day, another neighbor is having a bbq and the aroma wafts over to her house. Karen gets pissed and heads over to the neighbor’s house and gives them a lecture about animals and other cr#p. At this point, we all have had enough of Karen’s holier-than-thou attitude.

7 homes surrounding Karen decide to make Karen’s days from this point on miserable.”

“Since it’s summer and we’re all stuck at home, we all decide to start cooking outdoors. Some homes purposely get BBQ grills and smokers. I myself turned my fire pit into kitchen #2. Every day at least one of us is cooking some glorious meat dish and the aroma goes straight to Karen’s home.

I try to cook at least one thing outside, especially if its extra aromatic. We all have plenty of wood thanks to our neighbor who recently took down a dead tree and gave everyone wood. A LOT OF WOOD.”

“Karen complains and complains, and even tries to call the police but obviously we’re doing nothing wrong.

I just got some brisket to smoke for 16 hours. My other neighbor plans to roast an entire pig”


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