Wednesday , 23 January 2019

What A Zoo Did For Some Cold Capybaras Made Me Squeal With Delight


A day at the spa can heal all sorts of ailments, from stress to sore backs and necks, to all-around bad attitudes. Getting the opportunity to escape from it all feels like the ultimate slice of luxury in our fast-paced world. For an hour or so, everything is catered to you, everything is crisp, clean, and smells like lilacs. Even if you’re too macho to admit it, you probably love a spa day just like the rest of us.

Is your ideal spa day spent with your sweetie? It wouldn’t be complete without a couples massage, some chai tea, and the soothing sounds of waves playing over the speakers.


Or maybe it’s solo, spent in a hot tub.


Then again, if you’re a capybara, your ideal day is probably spent with your friends. They love the hot citrus soaking baths at Izu Shaboten Park in Japan.


These little guys love it just as much as we do!


A hot citrus bath is sure to help out during those cold winter days. It’s a good thing a zookeeper realized how much the capybaras loved the warm water he was using to clean out their environment one day, otherwise we never would have witnessed this cuteness.


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  1. Even better would have been to leave these animals in South America, where they belong.

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