Friday , 23 February 2018


Abandoned Cat With Dreadlocks Gets A Makeover

This poor cat was abandoned by her Alzheimer’s-suffering owner and it survived for years with severely matted fur. The cat was struggling to move because of the extra fur, but luckily the cat has been given a new home and a new look.

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Able, the two-legged cat that’s living up to his name

World, Able. Able, World. This rescue kitten has a heart of gold despite losing his two forelegs after a freak accident during infancy. The tragic moment occurred when Able was just 1-year-old, after he fell on a loose wire while attempting to catch a bird on the roof. The incident took Able’s legs and nearly his life too after being …

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Funny Animal Pictures To Start Your Day

Funny Animal Pictures To Start Your Day Most of us see animals as wild and cruel. Even we humans refer our inhumane activities to animals. But in fact, inhumane activities are way worse than what animals will ever do. Keeping that topic aside, I believe that animals are cute, adorable and always funny, so do millions of other people. So …

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Drumroll please… the top doggo names of 2016 are…

Dogs become members of our families and the names we choose often reflect the trends around us. In 2016, human names for dogs increased 28%, that’s 2% more than last year. Top male dog names of 2016: Max Charlie Buddy Cooper Jack Top female dog names of 2016: Bella Lucy Daisy Lola Luna Pop culture has taken over everyone’s daily …

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