Thursday , 18 October 2018


Abandoned cat has an ultra cool buddy to keep him company

Everybody on the planet can use a helping hand and a friend when we’re in need, regardless of whether or not you’re a human or an animal. We all need to be loved and cared for, and when we find just the right situation, it can turns everything around; bad days become good and what looks like a dire situation, …

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Heron Wrestles Lunch Away From A Snake

Pphotographer Sunny Inaganti snap these amazing photos on the lake in the state of Telangana in the south of India. The pictures show a Heron swooping in to catch a fish, only to end up in a tug of war with a snake.

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Doggo meeting Santa has the best reaction ever

If this doesn’t turn your regular, hum-drum kinda day into the best day ever just for seeing this photo, you’re dead inside. Just look at this. This is what happens when a Shiba Inu that idolizes Santa gets to meet their hero.   Kya is a pretty chill doggo, and her owners, siblings John and Angelina, love her to pieces. …

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Duck costume is only way to calm down rescue goat with anxiety

Polly is a rescue goat who is blind, has neurological problems, and suffers from anxiety. Unfortunately it was hard for her owner to get her to calm down on a daily basis. She would often show anxiety related behavior including running around and crying when she couldn’t find her owner. Little did Leanne Lauricella–Polly’s owner–know that a duck costume she …

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People Were Scared Of This Cat, But A 7 Year Old Girl Saved Her

This poor disfigured cat was living on the streets of Instanbul, and most people refused to even look at it. Then one day a 7 year old girl showed up, and took the cat in. The cat was taken to the vet who surgically repaired some of the animal’s features, and now it has the life it’s always deserved.

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Cats in hats cut from their own backs

It’s only Monday, and already the internet has me confused. As if cats aren’t strange enough on their own, Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki takes shed hair from his own cats and turns it into an odd fashion statement. Participating in this bizarre hair-hat experiment (my guess is against their will) are Ryo’s Scottish fold cats: Nyaa 8-year old (tabby), Mar …

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